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Reasons to Buy Fasse Checklist

Fasse Valves have all the flow you need

All the Genuine Fasse Control Options

All Fasse controls utilize commercial grade sealed switches

Complete Product Kits: Plug and Play

                                                           700-1590 Remote Master
                                             Complete kit for earlier John Deere tractors
                                             with cone style couplers and tips .

Older Deere tractor w bale handler

                                             700-1592 Remote Master

                                             Power Splitter Pushbutton is completely
                                             waterproof. This momentary switch attaches
                                             to one Remote lever to operate the loader
                                             third function.

Fasse selector mounted on Kubota loader arm

         Deere with 4-in-1 bucket                          700-1550 Remote Master
Hydraulic Gate & Tie Functions on Baler      The powerful Remote Command Stik (RCS) grip is
                                             great for 4-n-1 buckets as seen in Farm Industry
                                             News and Best of Farm Show.

                                                           700-1002 EconoMaster
                                             Our EconoMaster version of the Remote Master.
                                             You mount it on any implement, plumb it, and
                                             run only two hoses to the outlet.
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