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ElectroHydraulics x7

  Hydraulic Multipliers, 0-20 gpm - 2 circuit

                                                                                           Fasse Application Know-how

        Fasse Solutions

Planters, Tree Spades,        6 & 8 Button      Rotary Mower                                Grapple forks
 Folding Implements     Remote Command Stiks  on a Utility tractor                     on a Ford-New Holland

Why insist on a Fasse Valve?                                                           Universal Selector Valves
The Fasse Remote Master series valves are sometimes referred to as "splitters",
diverters, selectors, outlet multipliers, or "one of those things that turns two into  Fasse Hydraulic  1. Push RCS button to select circuit
four". The Hydraulic Multiplier is the simplest and by far the most popular Fasse         Multiplier    2. The tractor remote lever is then
valve type. When you flip the switch, you are selecting circuit #1 or circuit #2,
and then controlling the hydraulics with your existing control valve via the remote                       used to direct the flow of oil
lever. For technical assistance or to find a dealer in your area, call 800.345.7745
or 308.233.3040.

Folding wings on 12 row Kinze planter                        700-1510 Remote Master

                                              Unique eccentric fittings adjust for the
                                              spacing of the male tips allowing the
                                              Remote Master to plug directly into the

                                                           700-1510-1100 Remote Master

                                              Double-Elbows adjust male tips to plug
                                              into wide-spaced tractor outlets.

Remote Master on IH tractor
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