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… FASSEElectroHydraulics x7

                                                      Precision Engineered

Starting with our first Remote Master hydraulic       On Time Shipments
multiplier, Fasse Valves has led the field in
economical and reliable solutions to everyday
electro-hydraulic needs. From our multipliers to
live directional valves, wiring harnesses, and
controls, Fasse Valves remains the choice of users,
Original Equipment Manufacturers, and dealers alike.

Our innovative designs and robust products
   provide the ultimate in simplicity and rugged
   reliability, all at affordable prices. Choose one
      of our custom integrated circuit manifolds off
      the shelf. Or let our engineering staff help
      design one for your application. Fasse
      Valves is the partner to choose when it comes
     to complete Electro-Hydraulic valves packages.

Complete Value-Added systems.-                        Rugged
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